How to make pizza dough

1. Material * 500gr flour * 1 tablespoon sugar (brown sugar will taste better) * 10- 12,5gr bloom glaze (instant dry yeast) * 5gr salt * 50ml olive oil * 300ml water * 5gr oregano 2. The making process.  Put for all the ingredients into the machine, stuff about 10 minutes or until it is smooth dough chewy. (Without mixer, it would have stuffed by hand, until smooth dough chewy) Incubation of baking powder should be doubled within about 45 'to 60' Press the dough flat; divide dough into small staff of about 50 grams powder. Personnel thin as you like. Place in baking dish Invasion face powder with fork Bake 200 ~

How to make you sick

You want to look at myself thinner without exercise? This article will be helpful for you! There are many ways that will help you be thinner instantly without having too strict dieting or cosmetic surgery, just you ready to plan their strategy. 1. Wear suitable clothing.  You should choose the clothes which fit or suit your body. Clothes that are too small or too big will make you look fatter only. Do not wear too tight because it will reveal and emphasize more of your cellulite. It should not be too large because you will look fatter than reality. It is best

How to make a cake at home

Surely when mentioning about the cakes, people will think the oven for baking bread and cakes baked the delicious, right? However, if conditions do not permit the oven 1 shopping or are too busy to wait for hours in the oven cooked products is? There are many types of bread without the use of an oven's right. And here are secrets that are easy to make cakes to the oven without. It is super easy to make cakes to the oven.     1. Pancake Pancake is basically a thin cake which is made from three main ingredients: flour, eggs and milk. It is

The simple guide to make the cupcake

The small pie cupcake, petite cakes are attractive to a lot of lovers. Not only they are  the food, cupcakes are also nice gift to give to your loved ones. Cupcakes appeared in the 19th century and are very popular abroad. Today cupcake cakes became popular all over the world. With its eye-catching appearance and creativity, snacks cupcake often appears in the menu of the wedding party, birthday, or anniversary opening. Here are instructions on how to do simple cupcakes at home. Cupcake baking ingredients - 100g flour - 100g granulated sugar - 2 eggs - 50g butter - Cooking oil - Green tea powder 10g - 10g

How to make delicious butter cookies

Cookies are one of the first dishes that biscuits made his collection. The old formula today was very satisfied. Later in a scientific conference trips in the United States, casually trying dishes chocolate biscuits in a shop is very popular. Butter biscuits are a very popular snack in many countries. Often, we will have to buy them in a shop but in this post today, we will guide you to a delicious butter biscuit dish that is easy to do, too. 1. Raw materials for making butter biscuits - 100g unsalted butter - 40g icing sugar - 100g flour - 50g corn flour - 3 eggs     2. How

The recipe to make the Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding is a popular type of bread in the traditional cuisine of England. It is made from only 3 ingredients including simple eggs, milk, flour, so that Yorkshire has been mushy and the flavor seems difficult to describe. Therefore Yorkshire was ranked top of the list of the most popular flavors of England. Today, we will bring you recipes. Both sweet and sour dish medium pudding, soft fragrance to truth, which is always very appealing!     1. The ingredients to make the Yorkshire pudding cake 150g flour 225ml milk 1 egg 1 egg yolk 50ml vegetable oil A little salt Several ripe plums (prunes North) Honey, lemon juice Yogurt or

How To Make An Omelet

It is said that omelet is considered as one of the most popular dishes for so many families around the world. In this post today, we would like to introduce all of you how to make this food.     Here are some steps to make the food Wash the bell peppers, cut them into slices about 1cm thick. Omelet that is made from a pot of flowers seems to be a delicious nutritious breakfast for the family. In addition, this food is really eye catching. Add oil to the pan, put slices of bell pepper on each side turned over about 3 times. Beat egg in

How to make the delicious scrambled eggs with the tomato rice

It is said that egg is one of the most favored food around the world. In addition to being cheap, eggs are expected to be nutritious material in cooking that provides a high amount of protein for our body. In this article today, we would like to introduce all of you especially those who are keen on cooking the recipe how to make the tomato scrambled eggs. Method 1 What type of Material do we need to process the food? Tomato scrambled eggs is made of soft egg, meat taste more sweet that has the beautiful very eye-catching colors. - 1 large tomato - 2

How To Make Delicious Pancakes

Pancake is considered as one of the famous cakes that are preferred by a lot of peoples around the world especially those who live in Asia. In this post today, we would like to introduce all of you how to make the delicious pancakes. To make a perfect pancake, you need the following ingredients Dish Stir-fried meal Fried Soup Food warehouse Salad Grill     Pancakes are simple rustic dishes of Vietnam, a country in Asia area. Depending on each region such as North, Central and South, the dish has specific flavor, color own that domain. However, for Southern pancakes usually get the young people to pay attention more. The

7 Ways To Help You Lose Weight Without The Gym

You can practice a variety of activities by following weight loss tips without feeling boring as daily gym exercises. You're feeling too tired of the roadmap as the exercise is repeated at the gym or health club. Enrolling in a sports center can be good way to get the desired shape, but it is not the only way. Instead, you can practice a variety of activities at home or outdoors as follows to achieve the purpose of weight loss without feeling boring as daily gym exercises. 1. Practicing yoga at home      One of the best things about yoga is that you only